Business Cards – Everyone Needs Them

You see them everywhere. These ubiquitous little two by three and one half inch pieces of cardboard typically found tucked away carefully somewhere in your wallet. If you are one of are more organized than most, you have taken these rectangular pieces of colourful cardboard and filed them in a business card address book or Rolodex that is filled with business cards sized clear plastic pockets and are made specifically for this purpose placed. Those of you who are computer savvy have the cards will use a computerized address book to categorized the information alphabetically by company name and cross-referenced the info with either the job description or name of the individual.

Regardless of the method you choose to keep the cards, you need to remember that business cards are simply another form of marketing collateral. The amount of money spent on this form of advertising varies according to the individual, the product or service sold, or the organization. Large companies spend thousands of dollars on the graphics they place upon them and hundreds more dollars on the weight of the cards stock they use on this part of their marketing collateral portfolio. Apart from the fancy graphics and the weight of the cards, all business cards perform in exactly the same manner; they all state the name and contact information of the card’s owner and the name and contact information of the company for which they work.

The interesting thing about business cards is that most non-management types of people do not have them, nor do they understand how valuable a tool they can be, especially if they are looking for a new job.

In an effort to be more proactive in your job search, or even if you are only thinking about changing jobs or careers, take the time to go to your local office supply store and get yourself some business cards. Although most executive job search coaches will tell you that it is absolutely critical that you get yourself the top of the line models with the fancy graphics, lots of colour and the raised print, when it comes to looking for a new job, this is not always possible. It is also unlikely that you will need 250 cards, which is usually the smallest number of cards you can order in a single batch.

All office supply stores carry small packages of blank cards that you can use to create cards on your home computers. These cards come on standard letter sized paper, fit in any type of home printer, and will supply you with ten cards per sheet.

Business cards are everywhere. They are highly portable and can easily and discreetly passed from one individual to another. These tokens of personal marketing collateral are an ideal tool for people looking for work.

Once you have convinced yourself that you are missing a tremendous opportunity to self-market your product or service, and before you take the initiative and exercise your creative side and go ahead and design some business cards for yourself, take some time to study how the pros do it. Look at the wide array of business cards already in your possession. Before you go ahead and think about designing your own personal cards, observe the following:

o The amount of white space on the card [Like résumés, lots of white space is good.]
o Size and style of font [Is the font too small to read without magnification?]
o Portrait or landscape orientation [Use a landscape orientation for job searches - cards the have a portrait landscape will force people to fuss with it to get the information they need. In terms of a job search, it is one more annoyance that your future employer does not need.]
o Use of colour and graphics [Know that the use of colour will always increase the cost of the cards]
o One or both sides of card used [For the purpose of job searches, use both sides! Put your contact information on one side and highlight your skill set on the other side. The "B" side of your business card should be used as a mini résumé]

Once you think that you have created the card that represents you in a positive manner, make up some mock cards and ask your friends for their opinion and input. Take heed of their suggestions and adjust the visuals of your cards accordingly. The next step is to print some up and start distributing them at every opportunity. HINT: Be frugal: Print some ‘test’ cards on plain paper. Then use this ‘template’ to align your cards on the business card stock. HINT: Be generous: Give each contact two cards; one for them to keep, the other to give to a friend. You will be surprised at where your cards will end up. Good luck!

Designing Online Business Cards With All In One Web to Print Software

A business card reflects one’s brand image. It’s often the first thing that prospects receive from a businessman, so it’s the businessman’s first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on them. It is a standard 2×3 inch card. It displays contact information for an individual employed by a company. It contains a person’s name, e-mail address, contact number, website and company name. A well-designed business card can make a lasting impression.

There are websites that specialize in business cards that are unique and high quality. They have business card design software. Latest technology is used along with new materials to create it. The organizations use innovative materials combined with modern design. Above all the products seems to be unique. Advantage of latest technology and materials are taken to produce eye-catching and memorable products. The websites offer a variety of impressive templates for every business/professional occupation. They have simple-to-use text editing and design tools. One can choose the type from vertical, horizontal, folded, double-sided etc. Customers are also able to personalize and produce using text and uploaded photos or images. Some software gives the flexibility to generate the customer’s self-created, dynamic business cards. The tool allows designing and even printing the client’s own business cards in much less time.

The simple interface and flexible applications allow anyone to master the tool with much less efforts. Beginning user can handle the software with much ease. The users can undo and redo anytime and anywhere. One can create, move, re-size or rotate the drawing objects visually and freely. Powerful vector graphics editor program helps to get the cards with very high quality when the designs are converted to printing. One can always take the help of professional designers while designing it. The logo shouldn’t be made too large. The typing should not be very small. People must be able to read comfortably. The standard business card size should be kept. One should be conscious in choosing the information to appear on the card. One should avoid too much information. The more it is simple the more it will be acceptable. The back of the business card should be kept blank. The business card should promote one’s brand identity. Advertising is a different department and should not be mixed with this. First one has to add information, then choose colors and background and finally take a printout.


· The cost of ordering a business card online is much cheaper. Many leading print stores offer a large variety of templates.

· With online printers customers have the freedom to design their cards themselves. Also they have options to choose from such as colors, shades, templates, fonts etc. People can design their cards according to their own choices.

· Time consumption is decreased.


· Information are provided extra

· Formatting can be done poorly.

Finally we can say that, it’s advisable to print shops use all in one design software rather than going for different software for different products.

5 Keys to Unique Business Card Designs That Sell Your Brand

Your business cards are just as important as your enterprise itself. They are the first thing your sales prospect sees when they make their first impression on you. They are the last thing they see before they call you to buy. If you would like your business to stand out and be unique, you must also be able to create personalized business cards for yourself and for your employees if you want the business cards to stay out of the prospect’s trash. Don’t guess how to produce custom unique business cards to increases your referral business and commissions; it’s high time that you learn the tricks:

Business Card Brand

When it comes to branding, your company logo is one of the most essential. The good thing is that you can actually add it to the business card itself. Don’t skip the logo. You can choose to place the logo at the side, next to your business’s name. You can also opt to place it at the center, with the business name right below it. Customers often place it on top of one of their business card pictures, associating their business with that picture.

Custom Business Card Design

Just when you thought that you can simply guess the size and shape of your custom unique business cards, the choices started to multiply. The standard size card is 2 inches by 3 ½ inches. Now printers can cut them with rounded corners or other odd shapes. Also, there are fold-over business cards, essentially a mini-brochure at twice the size with a fold in the middle. If there is one thing you have to remember with regards to the business card size, make your business card unique in a tasteful manner.

Unique Business Card Message

Your written message on the card, the contact information, sales message, and the reason to buy should be clearly visible and legible to the reader. It’s great to have a stunning picture, but the picture should reinforce the message communicated by the text.

Business Card Sales Copywriting

A business card is a piece of marketing collateral. Treat it like one. Use enough writing to get your point across and no more. If a piece of text isn’t doing something important get rid of it. Treat it just like a good piece of sales copywriting. You may be tempted to put extraneous details on your business card. Resist the impulse to dilute your brand and your message. Do not let it crowd out important information that should be found on your card, such as your business name, your name and contact information, and the sales message.

Business Card Printing

It’s completely possible to design and print out custom business cards on a home computer and printer. If you are selling products and services to white collar business people or business with executive management positions DON’T DO IT! Use a professional printing company. Your customers can usually tell if you had the cards done at a print shop. They expect it to be done there. You will end up with a better product is what it comes down to. If the print shop you are working with isn’t being receptive to what you want done in a timely manner or cost competitive then switch the printer. It’s completely reasonable with the Internet to proof a design and print in the same day at an internet print shop. My company does it every day. Many printers can do this. Choose one you like and get the job done in a reasonable time.

Fifteen Ideas to Make Your Business Card a Persuasive Marketing Tool

With attractive business cards available very inexpensively it makes sense for everyone to carry business cards with them. Business cards quickly enable you to share your contact and other information without resorting to scribbling your phone number on old receipts from your back pocket.

In recent years the price of high quality business cards has plummeted. The advent of massive printing factories with on-line shop fronts together with digital pre-press and even digital presses has meant that it is possible to print hundreds of cards for a price that would have previously have been unheard of. Not only are cards inexpensive but they are also available in full color, with glossy coatings and even with rounded corners or foil-like features.

Having a card as a way of providing information to someone is one thing, creating a card that really stands out is another. Business cards in the USA are commonly three and a half inches wide by two inches tall. This means that they fit in people’s business card files. If you must have card that is this size then there are several ways to differentiate your card. Some of these methods will be more expensive than the ‘factory’ produced cards mentioned above, but the extra cost may not be huge compared to your overall marketing budget. Ideas include:

Add rounded corners, or a combination of rounded and square corners
Use engraving to create a sophisticated masterpiece where the text is raised above the rest of the card. There are still several engraving printers to be found in big cities.
If engraving is much for your budget consider thermography, a process which emulates engraving, with similar results, although not as satisfying to the purist.
Foil stamping, perhaps over part of your logo, creates a card which is noticeable and different from most.
Most color cards are produced using offset lithography or digital presses. Consider having your card produced using traditional letterpress printing. The result will likely have a slightly more three dimensional feel.
Create an embossed effect (where part of the card raised above the surrounding area – similar to the effect created when a Notary Public stamps a document), or a debossed effect (where part of the card is pushed in to lower than the surrounding area). The effects can be produced without ink, i.e. ‘blind’ or with ink.
Create a unique design. Take the real estate industry as an example. Many real estate agents have cards that include their photograph. The cards are obviously created by the agent’s broker and conform to the broker’s template. Trouble is, they obviously look very similar to the cards created for the broker’s other agents and hence do not do a good job of differentiating. When you commission a design, make sure that it is fresh and different.
Don’t forget the back of the card. This is a great place for more information about your business, for example, you could include a map to your physical location, or list your social media accounts.
Consider creating several different cards for yourself, perhaps with the same theme but slightly different. One company I know created cards with five different color themes for each person. It was unusual and created a good talking point.
Remember that cards do not need to be printed horizontally, they can also be printed vertically.

Since people are using electronic forms of contact information collection and hence retaining business cards after capturing the data contained on the card is becoming less common. The result of this is that it makes sense to create a card that is totally different from everyone else’s in terms of size, shape, paper type and design. The following are a few ideas:

Turn your business card into a mini brochure, the same size as a regular business card when closed,but it opens up provide more information about you and your business.
Similar to one are ‘concertina’ business cards where a card opens up into a concertina of information.
Create a long rectangle, round or square business card which is a little larger than the standard business card size.
Consider using a significantly thicker card stock than normal to differentiate you card by its feel.
Remember that there are literally thousands of different paper and cards stocks available. Choosing a more unusual material could help get your business card noticed.

Business Cards – Size Up Your Business on Paper

For people who are running a business or even the responsibly placed professionals, a certain degree of promotional gimmick goes a long way into uplifting their social status. Even though it sums up more as an introduction to the individual or the business, business cards evidently do better than that. If attractively designed with a touch of the right choice of words, they can do generous wonders to improve your professional standing or business.

The whole concept of creating this success quotient in front of others is not exclusive for people who want to make business cards for the very first time. You are also at the disposal of the option to improvise on the image your existing business cards through a change of the colour of your card, modification on design, change of template, and so on. More and more business card designers have capitalised on this trend and have gone ahead to become much sought after agencies by professionals and business units.

With a lot of players providing their expertise in designing and printing business cards for you, there is no dearth of good options to build a better business image. These designers apply their skills to come up with cards in several variations like single sided cards, single sided portrait-based cards, double sided portrait-based cards and double sided cards.

The easiest way for you to land up with a suitable business card is to browse the Internet for various makers prevalent online. You can check the quotes provided by the designers on their site and even apply for more depending on your criteria.